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Our Story

Our on-going success in the warehousing and logistics industry taught us a lot of lessons along the way, like how to mobilize and motivate people to complete large packaging projects on time and on budget. This is a highly valuable skill set to have in an industry known for staffing shortages and complications. Soon our customers saw our consistent efficiency, and once realizing that it was because of our staffing success, they began to ask for our assistance with their own staffing needs. Today we still serve a large population of the warehousing and logistics industry in Indianapolis, but our services now reach other staffing-critical industries like general labor and assembly, landscaping, janitorial and cleaning, and entry-level administrative.

As we’ve grown in size, experience, and technology, one thing hasn’t changed – our understanding that the most important part of any business is the people that work for it.

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Our Mission

To deliver tailor-made recruitment solutions that underlies the principles of continuous improvement of services offered to maintain honesty, integrity & ethics in business while delivering a service beyond the call of duty relentlessly striving for complete customer satisfaction.


Our Vision

To provide all clients and candidates with an exceptional customer service experience and to ensure that all individual needs are met promptly and efficiently every time.

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